Being fresh

DSC03457Hello Everyone,

My name is Cássia Ayres, I’m Brazilian, 37 years old.  I came to Aston to take a postgraduate programme in Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR)  & Sustainability at Aston Business School ( 2014-2015).  I have a BA in Social Communication at Catholic University in Salvador (my hometown).

I arrived in Birmingham a week ago, and my journey to UK stated in Luanda-Angola on 17th September. Yes, I lived in Africa! For the last seven years I had the great opportunity to work on my market and focus my career on my current field of studies. I worked in communication relating technical knowledge of public relations and advertising with corporate social responsibility for different business and projects, including non-profitable ones.

Angola is a magnificent emerging market. It its rebuilding process, after 27 years of civil war ended in 2002, this current oil-based economy used to be also a solid agricultural market. Today, its great challenge is to overcome the war consequences not only restoring important infrastructures, but, mainly investing in people’s empowerment.

The deep poverty and the lack of basic resources it is still shocking nowadays, but Angolans are also very powerful and their capacity to resist and support critical conditions with a smile on their faces. My life in this context was not easy at all, but it was the most rewarding experience I ever had.

During my African journey I have promised to myself to have a “refreshment time”.  To move to a different place where I could acquire different soft skills after consolidating a professional portfolio. Putting finally together lots of practical experience with new ideas, trends and research.  And now, I’m very excited about how Birmingham will treat me on my new demands. 🙂

It took me 14 years since I left the University in 1999 on my twenties to my return to the classrooms today. I’m feeling confident with my maturity and also light and fresh as new beginner as many other students I met here.

My last big surprise here was to receive the Formula Santander Scholarship as recognition of my efforts to study in UK. I’m amazed about the possibility to use this blog to express my ideas and feelings addressing other prospect students as well as being the “ambassador” supporting them with common needs that also I’m having now.

Come along with me and let’s have some fresh time together!

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  1. My sister Cassia, I loved your Blog and I’ll stay here in Salvador – Bahia, sending good vibrations to you. Congratulations and sucess always!!!!


  2. Cassia parabéns pela sua nova jornada, com certeza será repleta de axé como tudo que vc faz!!! Um beijo grande e nos mantenha atualizados,

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