“Felling all rice”

Pretty intense times here at the campus. As part of planting my roots in Birmingham, I finished all my purchases for the kitchen, room and winter cloths. Ok! I forgot to say that I live in a student residence together with three other girls from Thailand and Taiwan inside the campus. I got a room with double bed and a common kitchen, which is quite busy with four cooking women. The basmati rice smells all over the corridor 24/7.

On my purchase list I have decided not to have a TV. I just don’t miss it. The free time in the room is something really precious. When not studying, I’m with special people on Skype or simply sleeping.

But it does not mean that I’m in silence. I got my radio on full time and the local stations are absolutely fantastic. Last week I had my morning tea with Phil Collins playing live at BBC Radio 2. The week before, I had Lenny Kravitz also in the studio while I was having a shower.

Turning to the master’s content. I participated in every single induction on the last two fresher’s weeks: “maximize your master!, get ready for your careers interchange!, develop skills and academic competences!, learn how to use your blackboard!, know your library!, meet your course director!….” More that running a marathon, I felt as pure work out for burning old neurons and saying hello to new synapses.

This current week is the master proper start. I’m having everyday lectures, already HUGE list of reading materials and the short deadlines for all the first terms assignments which finishes mid December. But at this stage, guys I’m still cool…I keep singing “Another day in paradise” and deep breathing vapors rice.

See you next week!