You know when you are on the right path of your life when your feelings, thoughts, actions, outcomes and even your dreams at night are connected somehow.

I came up with this feeling last week. Things that I did more than ten years ago, and by that time seemed to be floating and moving around, illogically, are now making complete sense and are forming a kwon picture on my life puzzle.

What brought me to Aston was my wish to acquire soft skills to go beyond my field of work and make more impact on business thinking from an environmental and social perspective, as so important as the economic view for succeeding in the market.

I have been working with corporate communication more than fifteen years, but only in last seven I had a better chance to add more value to the companies I worked for and for myself as person and professional.

Before that, I felt that something was missing. And I asked myself many times: what is purpose become a recognized professional and have a good salary if in practice you are not contributing to any significant change for your society?

Social inequalities, environmental devastation, and human conditions degradation shock many of us, but the way we react to those facts is what matter not only for our generation, but for the next ones. We are just abusing for the planet limits and already paying a high price for that.

More than a corporate trend for managing an organization, Sustainability must be consider as a science-based and transversal knowledge which is applicable for complex issues such as planning and building a whole city, creating revolutionary technologies as well as governing a nation.

When I said that my acts in the past are making more sense for me now is because that I am seeing some signs of a magic called true knowledge happening.

I am merging my experiences in sustainability based on empirical context with plentiful of opportunities with appropriate research, updated information and excellent level class discussions.

Definitely, knowledge is a result of what you learn from both approaches. As narrow as this bridge, as more confident you feel about what you are getting from life. I’m glad to see the picture of my puzzle coming up 🙂

If you are curious to know more  some of my previews works with sustainability, check it out some of my initiatives for media and education, clicking on the links below.


Exame magazine: http://pt.scribd.com/doc/118256879/EXAME-SUST2012


See you soon!