Beatles maniacs


Beatles Maniacs

Yes, I admit…. “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes” I love Beatles songs!

Even though I am from the second generation I have been enjoying since my teens (my mom don’t fall in love and my father neither), hence it is not their fault.

Going to Liverpool and exploring Beatles Museum was one of the most remarkable experiences I had in England so far. I was very glad to share those moments with Cyla, one of my best friends, which came to visit me in Birmingham last month and is another Beatles fan.

The Museum is relatively small from what I expected, but reproduces, with minimalist details the most significant places of Beatles’ history, such as The Cavern Club and Abby Road Studios.

Some of the albums and songs have astonishing spaces: Yellow Submarine, Sgt. Peppers’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Penny Lane. Was adorable to see some of original music instruments, but I was deeply touched with Lennon’s white Piano and his glasses.

Apart from the Museum, Liverpool is a quite small compared to Birmingham, but lovely city as a result of balanced mix between very modern and classic British-style buildings. Don’t miss a chance to walk along Albert Dock and its squares that are an invite to seat and have a take away box of fish and chips while admiring the city’s good rhythm.

But I would go for indoor activities if you are going on autumn, cause the high-speed winds and the strong humidity may design your hair as authentic “city-coast style”. Don’t ask what does it mean, but I had my own experience J. So, The Slavery and Liverpool Museums are both attractive candidates to grab your attention if it is too windy.

Liverpool has low heartbeat I’m sure you will enjoy to walk around and just “Let it Be”

See you on my next journey!

PS. Cyla, this post is for you, mamá J