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How to change the destiny of 200.000 children in risk situations living in slums with US$ 1 million start up investment on pre-school education? That is the challenge that is moving myself and 3 other more colleagues of Aston University in our social enterprise project called “Fair Start”.

This is part of an annual competition named Hult Prize, promoted by Bill Clinton in his Global Initiative. The idea of Hult Prize is award student’s best ideas around the world for social business models, which can provide solutions for world’s main challenges. For 2015 the elected issue is education for children from 0 to 6 living in slums. (Know more in the attached link: http://www.hultprize.org/en/compete/2015-prize/2015-case-studies/)

I’m proud to announce that we won the first stage of this competition between 9 other groups of students coming from different areas of knowledge. Our group will represent Aston University in London on the regionals by March next year. If we win it, we will go for a training programme in MIT- Boston and if we pass through the three months incubator programme we will receive US$ 1 million to invest in this business in my hometown, Salvador- Brazil.

Salvador is a city where 1/3 of its entire population, which is approximately 3,000,000, are living in slums. The children in those areas are mainly exposed to drugs, violence, and sexual abuse because of the lack of attention of their caregivers and parents that must to work. Our project wants to fill this gap of attention proposing an innovative methodology that consists in a dual solution for kids and caregivers, improving competences for both. Alternatively, we propose the total engagement with main sectors in society, in a multi-stakeholder approach, generating outcomes for investors on private sector, NGO’s and sharing this primary responsibility with the government that has been insufficient to fulfil education and other basic needs demanding by this population.

I have to admit that it will be very difficult to be the first between the next 50 groups in London, but my colleagues and I are absolutely passionate and engaged in learn and try our best to get as further as we can. Ideas like ours can be used anytime to support society, so we definitely will go further somehow in our careers.

To sumarise  my joy I would to like to thank to Divya Jyoti for her trust on inviting me to integrate our big team and the brilliant effort and start up ideas of Austin Cornilles and Jack Gibbons. I also thanks to Lina Marcela and Florian Sébastien for the courtesy on these pictures.

I hope to update you soon with more good news about Hult.

Please follow us at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hult-prize-at-Aston-University/654743837974381

See you!


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  1. Cassia Congratulation!
    I admire your big spirit to help children around the world. This is just one step, but I am sure you will achieve this goal soon! Good luck in London 🙂

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