Ending up in a Brazilian way


Think about mixing black beans with garlic, onions, bay leaves, cumin, and other strong spices with a wide variety of meats fresh, dried and smoked pork, cow and sausages. All these ingredients cook lazily for 4h and rest out of fridge for more 24h in order to mature its delicious and unique taste and smell.

This is FEIJOADA, my friend! And if you have tried before you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you have not, you definitely should try in GOOD Brazilian restaurant worldwide. Ops! Sorry if you are veggie, but all the respect, I think you are missing something. 🙂

These lucky people here in the picture had the chance to experience the combination of the most famous Brazilian food with all four-aside dishes (“farofa”, cabbage, orange and rice). In addition, they all tried a homemade caipirinha, our spirit drink made of distilled sugar cane “cachaça” with lime, sugar and picked ice prepared by Julius Silva, my Aston blogger friend.

To make it as a typical Brazilian dinner, which is a genuine opportunity to celebrated life, the event was amused by our traditional dances: samba and forró. So, when the caipirinha started to make its effect together with magical combination of flavors, you can imagine how creative people can be, right?!

I was so pleased to provide a little bit of my culture to my friends and colleagues on that night, that I feel that the next one would be even better. In sum, we were all very satisfied for the great night and moments spend together. Not for a coincidence, we celebrated in that occasion the end of the first term at Aston and Silvia Gogu’s birthday. As quick retro, this term was very busy, sometimes tough, but surprisingly in the end.

I’m relieved that and happy with the outcomes so far, especially for the new friends and perspectives for new projects. Now is time to energize mind, body and spirit. For this purpose, I’m going to London, Brussels and Copenhagen to meet very special people. J

I wish you an amazing break and I hope to share nice memories from there to you on 2015.

Happy Christmas and Happy 2015!