My friends were my Christmas gifts

I can finally say that for the first time in seven years I had a proper vacation time. Who would say that a tropical person like me would have fun in very low temperatures and would enjoy the cold and even search for snow?

But this only happened because I met really warming friends on my journey between London, Tonbridge Wells, Brighton, Brussels, Gent and Copenhagen during 17 days.

To begin with, I let Birmingham on December 23th  to spend Christmas and New Year in London. There, I experienced a true British season in every detail. Susan’s family treated me with care and love. That was something that helped me to support the lack of my own family back in Brazil. I had delicious food, drinks and my first crackers! I lived the children’s expectations for Santa Claus, and we played together with their new toys.

Then, Tonbridge Wells and Brighton where another gifts in my journey. Again, I was with very nice people met through Julius and visit fantastic sites. Tonbridge is more historical having the traditional cottages and Edwardian buildings designing its landscape with narrow streets, while Brighton is sunnier with a light lifestyle, typically found in the coast. Do you remember the Fat Boy Slim, beach parties? Yes, they happened there!

After three days of hear the 12 bells of Big Ben and to see the spectacular fire crafts show in Westminster with Breno, I crossed the English Channel by train to Brussels. My next motivation: meet Ketty, Beeckmans’ family and the new member of our community: Florien, a four-weeks baby girl whose the sweet smell and the warm stuck in my mind and still help me to fall asleep at night.

Brussels was much more than I expected. The city has a unique ancient centre in gothic style and charming cafes and sweet shops. The season’s light show at Grand Place was breathtaking while the chocolates were simply irresistible. But, who starts a died during vacation? J

Ghent was my next stop in Belgium.  It is the capital and largest city of the East Flanders. Florien presented me the gorgeous historical centre and Saint Nicholas Church. We stopped in a restaurant with an astonishing view of the river bathing the buildings in the heart of city.

Four days later, Juliana and her cats opened arms for me. She took me to walks in Copenhagen and around the countryside where the sites are amazingly beautiful. The capital is a balanced mix between features of the Monarchy and Scandinavian style with modern architecture and a vibrant nightlife.

In the north part of the island where Copenhagen is sited I had the privilege to visit Kronborg Castle mentioned by Shakespeare in Hamlet. From there, I saw Sweden very close and started to think of browse northward on my future destinations and meet the Viking culture.

Incredible journey to fit in a post! But I will not finished without saying thank you to my lovely friends that made my Christmas season outside home meaningful and unforgettable.

I hope to see you again soon!



In Ghent :)
In Ghent 🙂
With Juliana and Julius in Denmark.
With Juliana and Julius in Denmark.
Warm feeling with Susan's family
Warm feeling with Susan’s family