Back to Birmingham: let it snow and keep walking


If you remember my last post I have said that I have searched for snow that I never was able to see during the season’s break. But after three days since my arrival, the snow finally met me back on campus.

Such an incredible sensation and a childish reaction I had when I saw the ice falling through the window. Obviously that I went down to touch it. And I believe that It may be the same for those ones who never saw the sea and need to taste it, right?

Since I went back, I started  to plan my next term more accurately with not only desirable outcomes by Easter break, but also with the feasible ones. And I have to admit that I will be absolutely busy all time. Cause I will have the dissertation’s arrangements, the modules’ assignments the job search and some extra curriculum activities that got involved. These activities will put me on from 7AM to 11PM from Monday to Saturday (and even on Sunday).

As my mum always say, “ who wants more from life, needs to give more to life”. As I strongly believe on her I will give myself all to have from life what I want.

To stat with something exciting, our Fair Start team of Hult competition is going to Dubai on 12th of March to dispute the regionals. If we beat the 49 teams there, we will go to MIT in Boston to test our model for the social entrepreneurship in the incubator for three weeks and then, to dispute the final in New York on June and meet Mr. Bill Clinton and maybe receive the prize from him.

I already feel the heavy pressure of deadlines and my personal expectations on my shoulders. But I’m sure I will be able to make my best before eating chocolate’s Easter eggs while enjoying my next train trip around England 🙂

I hope to bring you good news soon!

Aston Snow