Getting things well done

Green week pic

It seamed to be yesterday since I started the term 2 on 12th January, but actually this term has been very compact and more intense compared to the first one. Because of the trip to Dubai to represent Aston at Hult Prize I have been working on my six assignments in a weekly basis. Each week, I establish a personal commitment to get one new assignment done by Saturday and try to have the Sunday free (but strictly when I get it done).

Working over the all weekends is something that I can only compare to my two last years in Luanda (Angola). There (I still don’t know how) but I used to conciliate four different types of activities (job 1, job 2, media articles and volunteering) and by that time, I still had my household activities and the marriage life. It is funny, but now that I only have to study, (ok, I also have to cook almost everyday, shopping, laundry and make up my room) it seams to be the same amount of work that I had before!. Maybe I am just getting old or maybe I will just have clear answer in future J

Older or not, I have the same enthusiasm to get things done and pretty well done. One example that made me really happy last week was my participation on the Green Week at Aston on 11th Feb. This event is an annual initiative that aims to increase the awareness of sustainability practices from inside out campus. I was invited since last year to talk about my experience in communicating sustainability in Africa. Basically, my challenge was to resume my last seven years in 30 mints presentation.

The preparation of the slides itself made me cry. I had Angolan music playing background sound and slide after slide I had all my memories coming back as beautiful movie. Each project I have performed, the incredible people I have met and the some of the important happenings of life (include the devastating ones) were just back there.

I was happy with my performance, but the fact that made me feel proud of myself was sharing such an emotional and personal content with an audience formed also by people that I never met. The excitement of the premier brought me the wish to work on my performance, keeping the exact genuine essence and do it again, and again.

I thank my course director, Carole Parkes for this opportunity and my colleagues for their supportive presence and very beautiful collective presentations.

See you guys soon!