Big March: a month to remember



March has been the busiest month of this MSc so far. The combination of 6 different assignments plus my dissertation proposal, extra-curriculum activities and job search had bombastic effect on my nerves. Thank God I had the company of very special friends and my swimming time brought me emotional and physical stability, essential elements for me to move ahead.

Fortunately, March is now finishing, but is letting me very important outcomes and also opening my spirit to new perspectives on my staying in Birmingham with regards to academic, personal and professional perspectives.

Starting with the outcomes, I admit that I have acquired more practical knowledge in this term 2. In general, the modules were quite industry-oriented and I have put lots of efforts on my essays bringing case studies and joining theory with practical side from my own background. Let’s see if my final marks will make justice to that, but to be honest with you, I’ve been trying to associate my academic performance also based on how I can apply the theoretical knowledge in the market in a close future. So, in the essays I visualize that I’m a consultant and I have not only an academic task in front of me, but also a corporate challenge to be tackled and it has been working!

Now, moving to the extra-curriculum activities. I had the opportunity to participate on LIMUM, London International Model of United Nations. Personally, I created plenty of expectations for this event, which is a reproduction of the UN assembly in New York oriented to students who aspire a position in this institution (Hey, I’m here). But besides the opening ceremony with strong speeches about Millennium Development Goals achievements, the work session was not so involving. I really expected a more mature debate about the topics, but the issues were not deeply discussed. Anyway, It was worthy to go to London with a group of 10 colleagues and meet special people there in those two days. (photo)

Jumping now to the job search. I’m excited to get a job here and I will definitely make it happen! I dedicated some time to applications and exploring contacts on March, and hopefully I will be shortlisted in some. If not, I will take this much more seriously from April on since I have fewer academic deadlines to fulfil.

I hope to bring you good news soon, keep following me 🙂