Fair Start in Dubai

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Following my last post and continuing to bring the highlights in March, I have to tell you how was the trip to Dubai motivated to Hult Prize competition

My team and I had lots of expectations and excitement to represent Aston University internationally in such a nice initiative (sorry for not been modest, but I really proud of our solution to the reach 10.000 children slams with Fair Start centres).

Summarizing the idea, Fair Start proposes a dual solution to target early child education by firstly, bringing back mother/father and children together in a inspiring space where education will take place and the caregiver plays the teacher’s role and secondly, by focusing on the parents’ professional development towards income generation. So, we tackle lack of education by increasing the family attention on the child and offering the parents economic support.

To understand why this is approach is so important, take in consideration that deprivation of affection and lack of attention from the age of 0 to 6 is massive phenomena in Brazilian slams. This factor lead to other forms of domestic violence against children and undermine the later engagement in school. The absence of parents in children’s life occurs mainly because they are busy struggling to survive.

As we truly believe in the effectiveness of our idea, our pitch was very confident and enthusiastic in the presence of the judge and despite the fact that we received very good feedbacks, unfortunately we didn’t win it. However, the whole process was very productive. I’ve learned a lot technically from the challenge and also from a human perspective as a team member in this last five months. I’d definitely move forward this idea in the right moment. I’d like to thanks to Ricardo Voltolini, Fernando Feitosa, Daniela Sinhorini, Grabriela Silva, Gilsomar Ferreira, Luca Padovani, Paul Barnett, Vince Curran, Olinga Taeed, Elsa Daniels and Esmer Chiffero for all the support to our team.

Apart from the competition, we have enjoyed Dubai. The city is an impressive man-planned-wealthy oasis in the desert. We visit the famous Raj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, (yes, till the top) and Atlantis Hotel and beach at Palm Island. There, I could not resist swimming after more than 6 months without having a proper beach experience 🙂

The great moments of this short and very intense journey will be remembered by the team experience preparing the pitch and having fun with a hundred of jokes per hour. Thank you for the nice time we have spent together: Divya, Austin and Jack.

Happy Easter for you all!