Celebrating my new job with low carbon


Hello, hello!

I’m celebrating the fact that I was selected as member of Pioneer into Practice programme from Climate Kic, a non-profit organisation present with 30 branches around Europe which aims to engage professionals, business and students to think and act on field of climate change, promoting a sustainable transition in the economy from fossil fuels based to renewable or energy low carbon. The programme Pioneer into Practice provides a hands-on mobility programme for researches and professionals to put in practice their expertise and create innovative solutions for climate change.

For me the great advantages, since I want to pursue the path in sustainability, are the opportunity to work in a different area, climate change in two different work placements, Birmingham and another city in Europe, to participate on disruptive workshops and to be part of a team of innovative professionals and create a high level network of contacts for future. And yes, it is a paid programme.

The marathon starts next week, end of April with three days workshops continue with the four weeks local placement in June and the international placement in September, finishing with evaluation workshops till November. I’m excited about which organisation I’m going to here in Birmingham and abroad as well as for participating on the workshops and productive discussions.

Although it is a great thing that have happened to me, I will have to be be very focused in this next five months, because I have my dissertation deadline which is due to beguining of September. Additionally, I’ll have my 15 days break in June when my mom is coming to visit me.

So, lots of great things happening in this period, but as we know for those who are ambitious the ability is to get things well done is always energy and time consuming. I hope to be able to conciliate it all very well and still have fun during this journey till November. Where I have no idea about my next steps.

I want to thanks to John Blewitt, my lecture, which introduced me this programme and the Careers Center of Aston University for the activism on interacting with good institutions for placement.

I don’t know why, but have the feeling that another great new will come soon. Don’t worry, cause I will keep you posted.  🙂

See you!